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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2018

Cathy: Chen Daiyu, a Han minority, born in 1995, is 20 year old sophomore at Tongren University with major in aquaculture studying as an over achiever. Cathy comes from a small village outside Chongqing. She lives with her grandparents, parents and a brother ten years younger. Cathy is very grateful for the love of her parents who are farmers with little income. Now her family is in debt for her father is the only one who has income in her family. She is financially needy. It is her desire to study hard to repay her parents for their devotion and love. In her freshman year, she was number one in her class. During the holidays, Cathy works at part-time jobs to earn money for cloths, books, and entertainment.
David: Liu Wei, a Tujia minority, born in 1993, 22 years of age, from a remote village in Yanhe county, Tongren Guizhou, sophomore at Tongren University, is majoring in English with a desire to be an English teacher in the remote country side. David studies very hard and is a very hard worker. His desire is to take care of his parents and provide for them. Given his mother's sickness in 2009, they spent their life saving for her care, but now she is unable to work. As of this writing, David has been diagnosed with leukemia with hospital stays at Chongqing, Guiyang, Zunyi and Beijing. Friends and family have donated thousands in RMB (over $USD10,000) while medical bills continue for David must take required medicine every day. David's family has no money for treatment of his leukemia. Likewise, his family has trouble providing school funding for his brother in high School and younger sister in secondary school (junior high).
Jack: Hu Cheng Xiong, a Han minority, born in1994, is a sophomore at Tongren University from remote countryside village in Zunyi Guizhou, majoring in Tourism management. Jack is the second recipient of the Israel Yoder memorial scholarship. Jack has one sister in another University and brother who is in high school. His parents had to leave home to work so they could afford to send their children to higher education and afford the entrance exams. All the children have excellent transcript records. It is Jack's dream to become a manager and repay his parents for their dedication and love.