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Scholarship Program

The Zimmer Foundation initiated a scholarship program in 2004 that supports the major cost of education for students annually for the second, third and final years at Tongren University. Now, over fifty students have been provided scholarships. It was our vision that at least two students will be added each year over a ten year program. Many donors have allowed us to exceed our visions of the scholarship program. The selection of the students is based upon their academic achievements and financial needs. The student's family is identified with an income at or less than the poverty level established by the Tongren prefecture officials.

In villages of rural China, many students are the first of their family to complete college. Zimmer Foundation has arranged to financially support specific students with financial needs. The eligibility for receipt of such scholarships is first year college students with academic excellence who come from very poor families. Often these are children of farmers whose annual income is less than $264 USD. The families earn below the declared poverty level defined by each county.


Often members of Zimmer Foundation are asked to speak to the students as Guests. For many, this is the first time they have seen and interacted with a foreigner.


English schools are very popular in China now because there is a large push to learn English. Often parents will send kids to private English schools to sharpen up on their pronunciation and use of English. Frequently the interaction with an English speaking foreigner is called "English Corner" as seen by a few of the photos.