Today is Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Scholarship: Selection Criteria

The eligibility for receipt of the scholarships is considered with first year college students having successfully completed a year with academic excellence. The scholarship currently is open to all majors at the University. Currently, the Chinese government will provide any needed funds in the first year of education to the worthy student.

Currently there are over 50 eligible students who come from families under the established poverty level. There are significant needs here for more scholarships. The University has in excess of 8,000 students who come from various areas from all over China. The selection committee (University president, the Vice President Academic, the Director of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Student Assistance) have a significant task in selecting talented students as candidates for the limited scholarships.

All students coming into a University must pass rigorous tests for entrance to the University. Students are selected for a Zimmer Scholarship based on family need, academic excellence, and teachers recommendations. Students in Tongren University come from most of the provinces in China so the draw to Tongren University is ever increasing as the University grows. The new University campus and academic standards provide an increased draw for Tongren University.