Today is Sunday, May 19, 2024

Scholarship: Communications

The scholarship students often write beautiful letters in appreciation of the support given to them. Each person supporting the scholarship will receive e-mail communications about the scholarship student and his/her comments. Donors are encouraged to communicate with the scholarship students for this allows the scholarship student to see the love from Americans who care for them. This is extremely encouraging to the students and they are motivated to do their best. Unlike many youth in America, they do not have PCs in their homes or dorms but they have access to PCs in the University labs and Internet cafes. Our experience is the students want to carry on a communications with the foreigners. The e-mail communications provides a wonderful English writing experience for the student. Donors often take great pride in making a significant impression to the scholarship student(s) and his/her family for the experience communicating with a foreigner in a second language is very significant achievement.