Today is Sunday, May 19, 2024

Scholarship: Recipients

The Zimmer Foundation working with the scholarship committee of the Tongren University selects eligible students for receipt of full scholarships with college students with academic excellence from very poor families. Often these are children of farmers whose annual income is much less than $264 USD (2012) a year. The scholarship recipients are often the first in their families to receive a college diploma. The scholarship students often write beautiful letters in appreciation of the support given to them by donors. Each donor supporting the scholarship will receive communications about the scholarship student and their comments. The annual tuition, room and board for each student is $850 (increased in 2016). Many thanks go to generous donors.

The Tongren University officials who make up the selection committee along with a member from Zimmer Foundation, have acknowledged there are more students who qualify for the scholarship but there is not enough scholarships to address the additional eligible students. Thank you for investing in these precious lives. Thirty-eight Zimmer Scholarship graduates are now (2016) teaching English in remote villages. An additional number of June graduates will be teaching English and taking on various jobs in rural China in the fall semester.