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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2008

Helen: is an outgoing student from a rural faming family of eight people. Grandfather (80), parents, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers. Her parents are uneducated farmers who find it is very difficult to find a job so they "do chores day and night" in order to send his five children to school for study. Helen is editor of English department news-paper and chosen as excellent member of the communist youth league of China. She has an excellent work attitude and helps others in her class.
John: is a shy sophomore from broken family. His mother divorced and remarried when he was five years old. John lived with his father until his death in 1999. John, his younger sister and his younger brother were left to rely on each other in an orphanage. John's brother has a bank loan for tuition in a technical college. His sister is a senior in high school in rural area of Tongren prefecture. John works in his spare time teaching three children and gives the money to his sister so she can study in school. John continues to seek part time job to give money to his family. He has a wonderful spirit "because there is love and smile in the world in my heart".