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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2011

Lucky: (Xie Dongmei) is from Bijie west of Guizhou Province. Born January 12, 1987. Lives with her parents and two younger sisters. Neither parents have jobs, they do small business to make money, and this is not enough for daily expenses. She is the president of the speech club and wants to be a good lecturer and a good English and Chinese teacher. "She will give her hands to more people and tell them love is important, we should help and love each other."
Summer: was born January 28,1990 and comes from the town of Wen Jiadian, Sinan County in Guizhou Province. Summer is an outgoing girl, but sometimes she becomes very silent. She likes singing and dancing. She has a twin sister. Her parents rely on running a small shoe shop to support their livelihood. In 2008 their hometown was flooded by the electrical damn built. Now their town is covered with water. They did not have the money to build a home so now they live in a very narrow room. Her parents are uneducated and continue to get more in debt as the economy grows. As a child she dreamed to become an outstanding teacher. She knows it is very difficult if her dreams should come true. She has a wonderful attitude and continually does well in her studies.
Hancy: LuMeihong, comes from a countryside in Hunan province. Along with her parents, she has an older sister, and younger brother. They make a living by working in the field. Her sister and brother did not attend school after junior school because the family lacked needed money. Her parents could not pay for three children to study. Hancy "was very lucky". At that time, she realized she should study hard, Hancy says "it's my duty!"
Gabby: Tian Li, comes from a small village named Yan He. There are six people in her family; grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother. Her grandfather's eye sight decreased quickly and his grandmother is not in good health. Her mother is a farmer with high blood pressure when she was born. Her father is a junior school teacher in her hometown village. Her father's salary does not support the whole family. Gabby's brother entered college in the same year as Gabby.
Richard: born Sept.10, 1987, comes from a rural household with six people including his parents, two younger sisters and one brother. With little income his sisters dropped out of school in at an early age. Richard and his brother continued in school through the hard work of his parents in the fields. In his own words, "Rome wasn't built in a day. Work hard and practice more. Your hard work will be rewarded by God."