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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2014

Amen: was our first scholarship for a high school student in remote Shiqian city ( known for its famous hot springs). We learned that John, one of our University scholarship students, had to work part-time while going to school just to pay for her room and board to keep men was orphaned when she was 6 and her brother John watches out for her. Now Amen is in college studying Art at Tongren University. She is an exception to the Scholarship MOU but not an exception to our love for her. She strides to become an art teacher someday.
Bee: Chinese name is Bi Jia, comes from TongZi ZunYi, When she was sad, she would talk with herself "come on, it's OK! smile! smile! and smile!". Her mother told her, "honey, you should be a brave, positive, confident girl." She always remembers that, no matter what happens. She has many hobbies; singing, running. Singing English songs because she can learn English by this way. She lives with her grandma, parents, and bother. Parents are farmers, "they do not master any technology", so they live on farming. Her parents encouraged her to go to college. "we will do our best to let you continue studying, you are our dreams, if you can be in college, we will be very happy even if we are toilsome" Her ambition is to be an English teacher to help more people who need help.
Candy: Chinese name is Zhang Jian Jian, comes from An Hui province. She enjoys reading some famous books in English ,listening to music ,playing badminton and running. Running is her favorite sport . Her family has three generations under one roof: her grandmother, parents whom are famers and four children. While her elder sister has married, her parents have a heavy burden because they still support three children on a meager income. Her elder sister had to give up studying go to work far from our hometown when she was young. Candy made up her mind to complete her dream to be the first to finish college in her family.
Candice: comes from the rural area of Hunan province. There are four people in her family. Her parents who are in ill health and older brother. She says, "she is not permitted to be born according to China's family plan- only one child in the family." Candice parents "salary was low but their work are boring and hard." Her parents never told their tiredness and hardness. She goes home only in time of the Spring Festival because of the high price tickets. She lived with her relatives in the grade 3 then in grade 5 she had to live with her neighbors. In middle school she lived with her aunt whose husband died. When she was in senior school she lived at school. She does not have many nice memory with her parents. She often misses them. She like the others and is very happy and lucky to receive the scholarship. She works very hard and is a superior student ranked high in her class.
Casey: Chinese name is Wu Lilu. She studies extremely hard to learn and practice English. She is an excellent student; "tries her best to have a colorful school life." She gets along well with everyone in life and takes part in many activities which "make her learn many things." She likes singing, playing badminton, and riding bicycle. She wants to travel around the world if it is possible. She has had a tough life when her mother died when Casey was twelve and lost an "important support" in her life. She lived a hard and sad time. "We felt very sad." Now her father is very supportive of his family but burdened with ill health and limited income. Casey wants to lighten the burden on her father. "No matter what result, I'll try my best to study hard and let my father live a happy life." She has much focus and drive to succeed.