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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2010

Joan: is from Tongren where she lives with her Aunt. She has two older brothers. Her father and mother died in an accident when she was three years old. Her aunt and uncle adopted her and treated her as her as their own, then her uncle died of cancer when she was ten. Now her aunt is in failing health and Joan takes care of her while attending the University. Recently Joan received second prize in the Olympic English Contest and received prizes during the English festival. Her birthday is November 14, 1988. Joan is from the Dong minority.
Penny: is quite natured who frequently shows her academic excellence in winning first prizes; English speech contest in English Festival, Chinese speech contest in English Festival, Study Notes Contest, "China Union Cup" in 2007. She was born in LouDi City, Hunan province August 23, 1989. Penny's father was one of eight children when her grandfather died when her father was nine. She credits both her mother and father for her optimistic view on life and determination to overcome obstacles and learn from difficult situations. Penny has learned to draw upon the strength, power and energy to overcome life?s challenges.
Mandy: comes from a small village of Guo Liang, DaZu County, Chongqing. Clearly she has demonstrated her journalist skills with one of the best written scholarship applications ever received. She subscribes to an English weekly to increase here vocabulary. In her spare time she goes to the library to read all kinds of books, newspapers and magazines. Her family consists of her mother and father, both of poor health, and an older sister who is enrolled in Xi Chang College in Sichuan and a younger bother. Mandy has joined the Communist party of China and is active in teaching poor children in the countryside as a volunteer. Birthday is December 16, 1987.
Jack: has quickly shown his leadership as the minister of the propaganda society of the English department. He comes from a remote village, Donghuang in Xishui county, Guizhou. His uneducated father is disabled from an accident while his mother, also uneducated, works hard to support the family of five. His older brother is unskilled while his younger sister studies hard in high school. After high school graduation, Jack's family home burnt down and his younger sister died. Jack was forced to work for two years selling tofu, bread, then as a waiter in a hotel. The experience taught him the importance of an education, of studying English and teaching children at nearby orphanage. After the 2008 earth quake, he donated blood for the victims. His goal: a university professor. Birthday is December 2, 1985.
Michelle: comes from a remote and poor village in Hubei province where her uneducated parents are farmers, Her grandparents and parents are in ill health unable to afford sufficient medical care. Her mother recently experienced stomach cancer and continues to linger. It is their family's wish that she and her younger bother obtain a education and become successful. School officials recognized their situation and allowed Michelle to continue in school. Michelle has a very tender heart and easy going and helps others who are "in a bad situation". Her goal is to succeed and pay back society. She is a wonderful leader, received many awards and academic excellence. Her birthday is October 12, 1987.