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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2012

Butterfly: (ZhangXiaoyi) choose her name because she likes freedom and wants to fly. Birthday is March 8. She is from Yanlong Huaihua, Hunan province. Before she was 13 years old , her father, a primary school teacher, died. She has her mother and sister. They love each other and are happy. She is a positive person and comes from a poverty family. She enjoys playing badminton, climbing mountains and traveling .She wants to be a good teacher and use her knowledge to help others.
Ellen: Chinese name Ma Zexiu, comes from Dejiang, Tongren. She was nineteen when she came to Tongren University. She was born in a poor family, and has a brother and a sister. Her parents are both farmers. Her father's leg was broken in an accident so now he cannot walk without aid of a stick. Her mother is in poor health and requires medicine almost every day. Because of shortage of money, they do not have good treatments. Ellen realizes that studying is a best way to change poverty situation. Ellen works very well under great pressure. Ellen has done very well on the University exams and has achieved excellent grades. Her hobbies include dancing, basketball and reading. Outside classroom, she is active and takes part in many different social activities. All these experiences contributed to the "development and promotion of her organizing and social abilities".
Hector: (ZhangHe) was born on June 24th 1988, in HeBei Province. His parents abandoned him when he was eleven and now lives with his uncle along with his two sisters. His older sister is working, and younger sister studies in high school. Life is not easy for them during the holidays. He takes on jobs to earn money. He loves English and enjoys the cultural differences between English speaking countries and China. He strives to always do excellent school work. He wants to show his thanks and pass the love to others when he gains the ability.
Jane: is from rural area of Shan Xi Province. She loves English, especially listening. Her hobbies include watching foreign films, listening to English songs and watching basketball games. She improves her listening ability through films and songs. Her family is not very rich, so she feels her hard study hard is the only in this way to reduce the burden of my parents. She is ranked high in her class and wins frequent listening contests. Her motto is that "activity is the only way to knowledge."
Jessica: (Xie Guihua) is from a small village near Tongren. Her parents are farmers and she lives with her grandfather, parents, a younger sister and brother. Her grandfather has been blind for many years. The uneducated parents cannot find jobs. She knows only education will change their lives. She knows hard study is most important. She says, "I'm not perfect, but I can do my best. I think I'm a lucky dog to get this scholarship and I'll try my best to study". Birthday is January 2, 1990.
Lemon: is the youngest of four girls in a poor Han family whose parents, are in poor health. Each of the girls desire to demonstrate to their parents hard work and good grades as reward. Her three sisters all graduated from university. Her parents, while poor, have provided a wonderful support structure for happiness and encouragement. Her family has been peasants for generations but her father and mother now work in a fireworks factory in her home town of Liuyang, famous for fireworks.
May: born July 14, 1989, comes from a small village in Hubei province. Besides her parents she has a younger brother. Her parents are farmers who work very hard in the fields. Her mother's health is not good and they owe a large debt. She says, "Though we are poor, we are still happy because all the family members love each other very much." When she was a child she helped her parents work in the fields. She realized the hardship as a farmer and determined to study hard and support her family in the future. During those years she studied very hard and always got good marks. She likes English very much so she choose English as her major. When she is free, she enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading books, or chatting with her friends. In her own words, "I keep the grateful in my daily life. I want to repay the people who helped me in the society. So When I graduate, I will go back to my hometown to be an English teacher."
Rosin: Chinese name is Ran Qianfang. Rosin comes remote country in Tongren, Yan he. Besides her parents who are farmers, she has an older sister and younger brother. They cultivated several ache fields to support the family. Recently her mother took ill which costs 35,000 RMB ($USD 5,800). It made their family poorer and brought significant hardship. Her sister had to go out to earn money in order to relieve the family burden. They only have 700 RMB ($USD115) to support themselves each month. They borrowed from our friends and relatives. Many times she cried. "There is no other choice except to studying hard." Rosin really believes that knowledge can change their fate. "So whatever the difficulty is" Rosin will pursue a better life. Rosin is a wonderful student example with her positive attitude.