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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2015

Aroma: nationality is Dong, from KaiLi, Guizhou province. Her home is in a "backward and small the countryside". In her family there are six: grandpa, parents, and older married sister, younger brother. Her grandpa is disabled and her father and mother are farmers. When in high school, she paid for the tuition. Her parents have borrowed several thousand Yuan from relatives for her education. Aroma has big dreams. First, she wants to learn English well. She can speak fluently in English now. Second, she wants to learn more. Third, she wants to help other people. She says "I hope everyone is happy and good health every day."
Bella: was born on 25th, June 1992. Her hometown is Jinsha, Bijie Guizhou. "People there are very kind, and it's a beautiful place, there are clean rivers, high mountains". Bella has nine in her family; grandpa, five younger sisters and her parents who are farmers. Her five sisters are in school, one in high school, one in middle school, three in primary school. My grandpa is in poor health, he needs much medical money. Bella says, "As poor as I am, I am a positive and active girl. I love life." She loves reading, is diligent and hard working. She has a great sense of responsibility, trustworthy and easy going. She loves sports, such as running, hiking, traveling. She helps others and hopes to be a good teacher and wants to contribute herself to society. She is from Han nationality.
Catherine: comes from a rural area of Guizhou and TuJia nationality. In her big family she has two younger brothers and one younger sister. Her parents are famers who work very hard. Her grandma is handicapped and her father has poor health. Catherine is fond of playing basketball and badminton, listening to music and reading all kinds of books except ancient writings which makes her feel dizzy and have a headache. Her best love is watching foreign movies. Her dream is to have a good job and become a headmaster of middle school. Second; she wishes to go abroad, traveling all over the world, having a happy family. Last but not least: she wants to do her best to help others.
Francinee: was born in a rural country Yinjiang Tongren, Guizhou province in September 1990.a rural county. This is a poor place, but she is happy to live there because of the people are friendly and helpful; most important her grandparents live there. Francinee grew up with her grandparents because her parents earn money far away to support the family. While she has a little brother and a little sister in school, they always live separately. Francinee is interested in literature and enjoys singing. She is passionate about the future and has a positive attitude and desires to know more about the world. Her dream is to be successful and own her own business. She says "working hard will make my dream come true."
Heather: is from the Tujia nationality born in rural Yinjiang county, Guizhou province on Feb., 2 ,1991. Heather is a English major and desires to be a police officer or solider. in her family are grandparents , father and mother who are farmers in ill health. She has a younger sister ,now a freshman of Guizhou Normal University and a younger brother in senior high school. Heather likes to read story books, surf the internet, and download the e-books to read . She has a part-time job at the canteen . She desires to help her parents. Heather is a hard working student. She is a person with "great perseverance" and insists on running every night and concentrating on her studies.
Helen: is 19 years old and enjoys reading and writing. There are 4 people in her family: parents, an older sister and Helen. Her parents are famers. "Her older sister has a very cute son who is 2 years old" She says that her family is a very happy and loving family. Helen's dream is to continue study after graduating from university and enter the Suzhou University to study English. Suzhou University is very famous in China and located in beautiful Jiangsu. She writes, "my dream is a little far for me, but I will not give up, no matter how many years (it takes) to realize it."
Hellen: is from Li Bo, Guizhou Province born on June 8, 1991 and is a Bu Yi people. She is youngest in her family with two elder sister who are married. There are just 2 in her family, that is her grandfather who is over 80 years old and herself. Her father died of illness when she was one. Her mother left to marry. Hellen's family is supported by the government and other people. At school, thanks to teacher's and classmate's care and help, she "lives in a happy environment". When she was young she wanted to be a policewoman or a businesswoman but now, she wants to be a teacher. "To be a great teacher is the best way to help others". "a teacher is the most sacred occupation!" Hellen enjoys reading novels. She enjoys doing anything relating English, such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs.
Jason: comes from city of Zunyi, Guizhou is of the Han nationality. Jason comes from a family of four with a younger brother who he thinks is very funny. His father works often very late and his mother works late at night. In his spare time he likes to read novels and outdoor activity climbing mountains sometimes with his friends, other times by himself. His dream is to be a English teacher respected by students and their parents. In his daily life, he is always the first one get up in his dormitory and then reads English: "practice makes perfect". In order to save money, he does not eat anything at night. Study is most important for Jason and he wants to be the best.
Jerry: comes from Hebei Province and is a recipient of the Israel Yoder Memorial Scholarship. He is an outgoing, optimistic and easy-going person. He chose English as his major after the college entrance examination because he likes it. Jerry gets along well with his teachers and classmates. There are six persons in his family (grandparents, parents, little sister and Jerry). Because of a lung disease, his grandpa ability to work so the family burden all fell on the parents. With added health problems his father was forced to borrowed money from relations and friends. Jerry knows he has to work hard so that after graduation he can find a good job "to change our poor situation". Jerry is a solid model student who desires to be his best and support his family.
Sarah: was born March 4, 1990 in Congtan, Caoping village, Dalong, Yuping county, Guizhou. Yuping is famous for pan pipes and flute of China. She is a Dong person. When she was a child she learned how to play the flute. There are 6 people in her family; father, mother both are famers, an elder brother who is an ordinary worker and sister-in-law, a common housewife, and a lovely niece who is 5 years old. Sarah likes to do anything relating to English; listen to English songs, watch English movies or TV programs. She is fond of surfing the internet and search for some information about her studies. Often she chats with her teachers and classmates. She likes singing and playing the flute. Because her father's age, he is not able to work in companies, thus he cannot support her college study. On the weekend Sarah goes to the English Training School to teach those little children English, in this way, I feel very happy and satisfactory! She says, "I'll try my best to study English well and try my best to be a good English teacher in the future. I believe that I can make it, if I can study hard work enough!!!"