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Scholarship Recipients: Class of 2007

Pat: is a deserving student from a rural farming family whose father would often climb the mountain to walk three hours to take wool to the market. A few years ago, her father fell from a truck and injured his head and could not work for months. Her mother was ill with appendicitis and then they fell into debt. Pat's younger brother joined the army and her older brother goes to college. Her father has primary school education, her mother no education. Her grand parents are both 75 years old and reside with her parents. Pat is a Junior with strong desire to do well in school where she is chairman of the Student Union. Pat has received numerous leadership awards and is a strong motivator for her class mates.
Ruth: is a humble girl from rural farming family whose father died when she was 14 years old. Her mother, a non-educated farmer, worked diligently until she fell from a second story building and hurt her back and continues to suffer from poor health. Ruth was 22 year old as a junior with a wonderful attitude and pleasant personality. Her younger brother has gone to work as a labor in Guangzhou. Ruth studies hard and has achieved numerous awards for her academic achievements. She plans on being a very good English teacher and provide for her family. She is a recognized leader in her class and continues to achieve high academic scores.