Today is Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Medical Service

Zimmer Foundation for China's Medical program have focused on the inland province of Guizhou in the prefecture of Tongren. The hospitals and clinics we work with are located in government-designated poverty areas. They serve more than 15 minority ethnic groups settled in Guizhou.


With the average per capita income below US$200 per annum, people in these areas are often unable to pay for the medicine and healthcare they need. The hospitals receive little subsidy from the government for medical supplies and equipment. At the same time, the hospitals are in great need of upgrading in order to function effectively to serve their respective communities.


Medical professionals are encouraged to inquire about the teams that go to Guizhou to work with the medical professionals in these remote areas. Focus work with the medical needs in Tongren are limited now since the government has repeatedly refused outside help other than large donations toward new medical equipment.