Today is Sunday, May 19, 2024

English Program: Reading Companion

This innovative software is user friendly and customized to the needs of the individual learner. It "listens" and provides feedback, enabling emerging readers to practice reading and acquire fundamental reading skills. Basically, a user is presented with reading material; an on-screen mentor, or companion, guides the user through the material, inviting the user to read phrases or sentences out loud into a microphone. Depending on the accuracy of what was read, the companion will provide positive reinforcement, give the user an opportunity to try again or offer the correct reading of the words on the screen.

For students in grades K-2 (ages 5-7), the software provides them with a solid grounding in reading. For adults, the software allows them not only to gain literacy skills, but also helps them gain those skills while reading content that is relevant to them - such as searching for a job, visiting their child's school, understanding their health, and obtaining a driver's license.

Because the solution is available through the Web, children and adults have anytime/anywhere access, whether from school, a library, a community center or at home, to improve their reading abilities. Readers also are able to continue exactly where they left off in a previous reading session. The software features evaluation reports for instructors and teachers on individual students and their areas of mastery and difficulty.

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